We are Visual Communication Concept. A comprehensive communication and design studio with several years of experience, maintaining its work philosophy through a close, friendly, and familiar way. The truth is that, after all these years, we have grown and matured with an interdisciplinary team that seeks to offer global communication and design solutions that are creative, stable, and respond to a solid concept. Through a co-creation process with our clients, we translate their essence and needs into integrated visual communication proposals that enhance their businesses.

We come from Colombia and carry the joy and light of the Latin lands intrinsically, harmoniously combined with the practicality and Anglo-Saxon requirement, giving a style outside of the traditional schemes.

We believe in the power of visual communication that starts from a reasoned concept, that has solid arguments, and that is capable of adapting to changes because it responds to a stable essence and durable.

our design process​

We have an important responsibility not only with our clients but also with anyone who may contact our work. Under this premise, we have three brand narratives: "A good design emerges from a concept." "Visual concept is our legacy". "The aesthetics of thought". The latter is our slogan and search engine in each of our projects.

art strategy

Creativity starts with a dialogue. Together we look at your goals, your vision, and challenges.​

brainstorm & research

Analyzing what needs to do and the objectives to follow. Investigating your differences from the competition.

ideas & design

Unique designs adapted to the essence of the client. There are no templates or pre-conceived ideas


We make any necessary adjustments to the design to ensure proper rendering.

Print or Post

We make design a reality, whether it is to connect online or in print to spread your business.

What are we like? What inspires us? What do we believe in?

These are our pillars. They are the basis of our company and the work we do with each of our clients.

Saint Lucia Labour Party
Manifesto - 2016 - Saint Lucia
Mission of India
International Day of Yoga - 2017 - United Nations
Mission of India
127th Birth Anniversary Dr. Bhimrao Ramji MAbedkar - 13 April 2018 - United Nations
Jaipur Foot Exhibition
Mounting - May 2018
The Banana Leaf
Photoshoot of Product - 2019

It encourages us to develop creative, original ideas that go out of context so that our clients’ image causes a visual impact that remains in the minds of their audiences.

We strive for every detail in an image or an idea because each gesture makes our work and our clients unique.

Our work has no limits. We seek to understand our clients’ needs and be part of their solution. We accompany and support them in all stages of the process and offer solutions. We love to advise and put ideas into flight.

We do not work with clients, but with people who trust our work to grow. That is why we work hand in hand with a close and familiar treatment, making the client participate in each part of the creative process and becoming an extension of your company.

Each idea comes from a creative process anchored in a concept that communicates with criteria and solidity. It is not simple aesthetics or isolated strategies. Everything responds to the reasoning that gives meaning and argument to each idea.

Yes, our children. We create, care for, and develop them as if we were parents raising their little ones to be the best they can be. We understand the impact that our creations have on our clients’ development, which is why we take care of and love them.

We don’t like rushing. It is the enemy of quality. We also don’t stagnate. We adapt and walk at a good pace. We are a space to create and think from calm and peace that allows ideas to rest and conceal, improve them, and not temporary or meaningless, but have a clear direction, that they last and do not lose their way.

Design is intelligence made visible.