The simplest way to understand Visual Communication Concepts is to think of it as art applied to commerce. Our designs are most often applied to marketing, advertising, and commercial communications. We have a creative process that involves a discussion of ideas, creating visuals, and developing and organizing content for the purpose of selling, marketing, and advertising.

By allowing our clients to participate in the creative process, starting from the conceptual root and other processes, we want to demonstrate the final product as an extension of our clients and ourselves, “the art of being different.”

Our work speaks of expertise in color, graphics, communication, and devotion to the creative process. We believe that good design is truly the best way to convey a complex message with clarity and style.

We establish the creative process of branding by building an emotional connection between the product and the client’s target market and its relationship with its customers. We help our clients define, distinguish, and enhance their offerings among other similar products by generating positives emotions and increasing a desire for it.

our design process

creative face time

Creativity starts with a dialogue. Together we look at your goals, your vision, and challenges.


Analyzing what needs to be done and the objectives to be followed.


Investigating your differences from the competition

ideas & design

Imagining and designing to improve your brand, giving your advantage over your competitors.


Comb content and fine-tune the design to ensure proper representation.

print or pos

Making design a reality, go online or in print to spread the word about your business.