What makes you crazy about a brand?

Is it possible to love a brand? Just thinking about putting the word “love” next to “brand” can make some people squirm in their chairs. But today, for the vast majority, it is a resounding fact. Moreover, I will tell you a personal story without involving anyone. I know a couple of friends who have tattoos with logos from companies like Nike, Apple, and Harley Davidson that make my inner child laugh like crazy.

But what is love? Love is a feeling. Love is when you put the other person above everything else. But let’s be honest. There are different kinds of love. I love my dog ​​Natasha with all my heart. My heart lights up when I see her, and I smile because I love her. I love my family, my friends, and my colleagues in different ways.

We love things because some make us happier. After all, we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. I have an example of this in my house. My husband is a die-hard fan of cycling. He recently bought a bicycle after much research on the internet. There was one brand in particular that caught his attention. He investigated that brand and found that it met all of his requirements. It was then that he made the decision. When he had the bicycle with him, it was love at first sight, and when he talks about it, he is happy, and his eyes light up.

At the beginning of a relationship, we have attraction. We are attracted to the person by their way of dressing, speaking, character, mentality, and hobbies. After a few dates, we got to know the person. We learn what they represent and what their hobbies are. So we could see it as having “touch points” (in marketing terms) with our potential partner. Throughout our dates, we begin to consciously and unconsciously decide whether we like them. And although you may not believe it, much of what I have just narrated we do unconsciously.

The same thing happens with brands.

And the first problem to solve comes.

Let’s say. My husband’s “problem” was getting a more comfortable and modern bike. Well, so he started looking for different brands online. And this, for many of us, becomes a nightmare. We have so many options: Specialized, Trek, Cube, Cannondale, Fezzari, etc., then you begin to ask yourself the million-dollar question. Which brand to choose? It is a difficult choice because they all enjoy a certain prestige and generate confidence in us. Indispensable aspects when buying a vehicle that should last us for many years and satisfy our needs for use.

Consumers use brands to solve their problems. Sometimes they are internal problems. Sometimes they are unsatisfied desires. It’s like saying there are so many pretty women and handsome men. They all have good style and dress well, but very few live with passion, very few live with purpose, and very few have substance.

So we can say the same about brands. Many brands have nice logos and cute designs but still need more substance. It’s like seeing 100 attractive women and men dressed up, but none of them live a meaningful life that makes a positive impact or at least none of them show it.

But then you find your solution.

Then you meet that woman or that man who is attractive to you. They have a personable style, live with passion, articulate a purpose higher than themselves, have a fantastic character, and have a good sense of humor. If you value those traits and have the same values, you start to fall in love and say they are the right person.

And it is with this example that I want you to learn why great brands understand the unique principle that people must fall in love with the brand. They must go crazy for them. For this, I will give you the magic secret, the formula they use to make it happen.

  1. They create an excellent aesthetic for the brand (brand images, tone of voice)
  2. They express what they stand for beyond just selling
  3. Position the customer as the hero
  4. They create compelling stories to help the client imagine what it could be and how it could come to be.
  5. They put the customer first at all costs.

It is how your brand has that opportunity to create something magical that goes from the real to the imaginary, winning the hearts of your customers because you are excellent at telling stories. When consumers hear your stories, they cannot help but agree with them.

 Can couples stop having feelings for each other? Yes, of course. Couples break up every day. People get divorced because they no longer love each other. The same applies to customer relationships with brands.

It is where indifference comes in.

What is the main reason relationships fail?

Loss of trust, poor communication, lack of respect, difference in priorities, and little intimacy. We can’t say that we fell in love with the person because he bought us flowers or just listened to us one night when we had a bad day. We cannot identify an event that made them fall in love with us. It was a lot of things. It was consistency.

We fall in love with brands for the same reasons. The brand invested in its visual identity, its tone of voice, created and articulated its brand story, listened to customer feedback, and thought about its product. They put their heart and soul into what they do and put the customer above profit.

To make a person fall in love with you, you must be consistent and show that you care.

For a customer to fall in love with the brand, we must be consistent and show that we care.

Create a meaningful brand purpose.

Your brand purpose plays a crucial role within your business and the rest of the world. Identifying your brand purpose can give your team an anchor for their daily actions and decisions. Ask, “Does this align with our brand purpose?” it’s a great check that employees can do as they do their work.

It’s not about you making a fortune or amassing a business empire. Brand purpose has a broader scope than enrichment, but it must align with your business model and what you do.

You might think: That’s fine for those big brands, but does a business like mine need a brand purpose?

The answer is a resounding yes! People today are more aware of how and where they shop. They want to spend money on brands that align with their worldview and principles. Today, 82% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on a brand’s purpose and values. He helps his clients understand how he hopes to improve their lives and leave the world a little better than he found it.

Defining your brand purpose takes a little time and effort, but it pays dividends as your business grows and serves new customers and your community. A significant purpose needs to be followed by a sustainable, authentic, and long-term commitment from the brand to achieve it. It will guarantee a noticeable impact on our business.

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